Upkeep on the Outside of your Home

You are putting in a lot of loyal efforts into your lawn, but it’s still not as beautiful as you would like. Apart from the regular care of the grass and plants, some tips are not very hard to follow, but definitely, give your lawn a new, appealing look.

Cut it Right

It is important to cut your grass properly and to the recommended height. Cutting it too short or letting it be too long will not let the grass be vigorous and healthy. The proper height is dependent upon the type of grass on your lawn, as different kinds of grasses have different needs regarding height. Make sure that the blades on your lawnmower are clean and sharp so that the grass is cut more cleanly and efficiently. It is also advised that you use a reel mower because it cuts the grass like scissors instead of tearing it like a lawnmower. A perfectly cut grass can change the entire look of your lawn, and all of it will look more smooth and well-managed.

Reduce Thatch

Thatch is another thing that takes away the beauty of your grass and hence your lawn. It is a layer of grass roots and dead grass that piles up on the top of the soil surface. If you don’t remove this layer and it gets around half an inch thick, it will start blocking the flow of water, air, and other essential nutrients. Therefore, the grass roots will start growing along the surface rather than deep into the soil. The roots then become intertwined and create a dense mat. As a result, your lawn will become less tolerant to drought, and pest and disease problems. Moreover, there will be dead patches at different places in your lawn and walking on the grass will give you a spongy feeling.

Place the Right Thing at the Right Place

Integration is the key in your lawn. You may have colorful flowers and some vegetables on your lawn, but they will look all unkempt if you have not organized and integrated them properly. Every plant in your lawn has a correct place and way of being kept. For example, you can plant herbs in containers and bushes at the corners.

Make the Entrance Grand

The entrance of your lawn is what makes it welcoming. Which plants you use for this purpose is dependent on out choice and the way you would like your guests to feel when they enter. While some people may choose the brightest of flowers for the entrance, others may like to keep it green. However, it’s important that the entry makes the visitor want to see the rest of your lawn too.

Make a Spot for Relaxation

A lawn is not just about planting, pruning, and weeding; they are places of enjoyment and relaxation at the same time. Placing a decorative chair and table at a corner calls for contemplation and makes your lawn a place for humans instead of just plants.

Remove Ice

After putting so much time and effort into a beautifully manicured lawn, protect yourself in the winter.  Newsom Seed not only provides grass and hay seed, they provide ice melt for when the winter gets too tough.  Find icemelt on Newsom Seed, your Maryland distributor for all things outside your home.