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7 Reasons Why You Should Prioritize Press Release Distribution

After you have crafted your press release, you have to think of ways how you can implement an effective outreach. Even you wrote a newsworthy and interesting story, it cannot reach the audience without distributing it.

Once you have published your release, pitch it to relevant journalist and news outlets. Studies have shown that getting publicity is a proven way to convert audiences into buyers.

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Benefits of Press Releases

Issuing a release is still one of the best methods to garner media attention and boost your brand’s SEO. Press release distribution helps brands market their brand and products effectively, especially when reputable news outlet covered their story.

  1. Extend your reach.

There’s a lot of evidences that show that distributing releases can improve a brand’s reach. It helps companies to market their products or services to a wider range of audiences.

Not only that, it has proven that it can reach places, far and wide. For instance, tapping your target customers on the social media can help you double or triple your reach. People who follow you can share your content with their followers, who can follow you back and can later become your customers.

When your releases are published in different sites, you reach a new height of demographics. Your brand acquires a new market which you haven’t reached without the campaign.

  1. It improves trust and visibility.

When you write relevant content, people get to know you more. They start to trust your brand. Journalists treat you as an industry leader.

When you plan on long-term distribution tactics, customers would understand who you are, what you do, what you can offer, and how you can help them. The more they see you as a trusted brand, people become consumers, while journalists give you more publicity.

  1. It boosts your SEO.

When different sites publish your releases, they link back to you. It creates quality links, which greatly improves your SEO level. Include a call to action, which prompts the readers to take action and visit your site.

Moreover, don’t forget the use of keywords that are important to power up your search engine ranks. Use keywords that people type in the search engines. The more relevant it is, the easier for you to be found on top of the search engines.

At the end of the day, the rule is to offer quality releases that feature the benefits that readers would get. Quality content always boosts your SEO.

  1. You earn the reputation as an industry leader.

When brands regularly publish releases, they eventually become a leader in their field. Showing people what you know and your stance on certain issues prove that you’re different from your competitors.

Continue to provide engaging, interesting and relevant content, so people would depend on you as a source of information. Doing this can improve the trust of the audiences, according to eReleases. They are more likely to buy from you than other brands.

When the media see you as a popular brand, they would be interested to cover you. It is because they know that their readers are more likely to read your stories.

  1. It is cost-effective.

Distributing content is far more cost-effective than using paid advertising. If your goal is to improve SEO and traffic, this marketing campaign can provide a lot of value for money. So far, this might be the worth company or the Best Press Release Distribution Services for 2018 – Newswire.

  1. It lasts.

Investing on distributing your content guarantees that it is there to last, given that it is of good quality. Search engines index content and store them in databases, so people can access them anytime, anywhere.

Doing this makes it accessible to audiences, consumers and the media. This leads to better search engine results page (SERP) rankings as you improve on traffic and sales.

  1. It has the ability to go viral.

Any quality content shared on the internet can go viral. Aside from promoting press releases on your website, blog and social media pages, don’t forget to pitch reporters and publications.

Reach out to bloggers or influencers and seek the help of online distribution services. Leveraging on different distribution channels ensure that you get maximum exposure. It’s the most powerful way to go viral. The more they share your content, there’s no limit in widening your visibility and sales.

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